Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Colour Palette

Brusho Colour Set

These are my development of my drawing sheets i have layered the photocopies trying to build up layer to create something different and to challenge my self. i want to achieve a busy and interesting composition which that i then can take forward to final development for fashion fabric.

Friday, 10 February 2012

Photograph of rust

I took the photo of the rusty objects that i found in the garage, i have tried to capture the colour and texture of the rust.

Spider Web

I took the photo of the spider web in the frost i like the way the webs became visible and almost gave a lace detail.

Colour Inspiration

Colour Inspiration
Blend of colour and different weight of threads

Embroidered and Printed Final Peice

I really like the back embroidered, i like the different mark making of the embroidery threads it creates a volume and gives it the depth with the use of colours and stitches.

Embroidered and Printed Final Peice

I feel this is really challenging and will help me push and develop my embroidery skills further. I have mixed threads together using different tones and shades of colours using straight stitch. I will be embroidering most of the shells i have on for the peacock rainbow colour that compliment my bight colour palette.

Embroidered and Printed Final Peice

For this design my style is going to be embroidered in the middle using white shine and silver shine metallic threads, i have used French knot stitch and done silver beading work the French knots look like beads. I have also used machine embroidery for the middle area.

Embroidered Final Peice

I have changed the middle section in to a cut out because the French knots were looking to similar to my pink design I have done French knots. I have used black, white, grey and different types of blues embroidery threads.